Meet Our Leadership

Founder & CEO Matthew Pelletier


Coding Allstars is led by Matthew Pelletier. Matthew is a digital marketer, growth hacker, and entrepreneur. With more than 10 years of digital marketing experience, he loves finding creative and novel ways to help spread the word about Coding Allstars. He has a career spanning over a decade involving SEO, Content Quality (with a capital ‘Q’), and Business Development. Matthew began his journey into entrepreneurship at the age of 16, when he made his first thousand dollars online by promoting a now defunct paid survey website called CashCrate. In his free time you might find Matthew with his daughter perusing the ‘Weird but True’ Nat Geo books at the library, or on a transatlantic cruise with his best friend and business partner Michael Kuhlman. Matthew wishes for Coding Allstars to help companies across the globe lower their development costs while increasing the speed and quality of their development outsourcing.

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